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Data Science Initiative

Our society is based on information and data processing. The amount of data increases exponentially in our world. In 2016, nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes were created each day, and over 90% of the data currently available was created during the last two years. So Data Science has become essential for those who seek to understand how the world works today.  It is at the core of many decision-making processes.

Data Science seeks to understand how to extract and use the informational structures underlying these datasets  in order to improve, in the long term, services, performance and profitability of public and private institutions. The scope of its use (each with its own specificities and requirements) is extremely varied: health, distribution, communications, agriculture, transport, the financial world, security, and others.

Collecting, storing, processing,  analyzing, exploiting, valorizing: stages necessary to process the immense volume of data now available, process flows that require a Data Science professional team, formed by experts of different disciplines.


The Data Science Initiative* is a team of researchers and professors of L’École Polytechnique (L’X), highly qualified in the field of Data Processing and Mathematics (specifically Applied Statistics), with a wide experience and deep knowledge of the problems and specifics of Data Science and its application in different fields.
Research is moving!  The development of new methods and techniques is constantly happening. The goal is to provide concrete and quality answers arising form the world of industry and state entities.

The Data Science Initiative of L’École Polytechnique offers institutions that are not related directly to the world of research, the opportunity to take part in this great adventure. Different forms of sponsorship are available (such as chair) to support research and education. Thanks to sponsoring, the Data Science Initiative can conduct education programs ranging from initial formation in Statistics and Computer Science to training for professionals working in public and private institutions.

The coming years will witness the explosion of the demand for Data Science, in the labor market as well as in the level of the development of new algorithms and concepts which remain to be discovered. The Data Science Initiative is in the center of this adventure which is just beginning!






* An Initiative of L’École Polytehchnique is a resolution established by L’École to bring together researchers from different disciplines around emergent problems with a strong impact on society. An Initiative makes it possible for researchers (mainly from L’École) to develop concerted research action. It provides the means – administrative and human – to make progress in the state of the art of these fields of knowledge and to develop them for the service of public and private sectors.