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Randomized Optimization

An Equipe-projet, joint with INRIA Saclay-Ile de France.

Head: Anne Auger, Chargée de Recherche INRIA

Permanent Members:

-Dimo Brockhoff, Chargé de Recherche INRIA
-Nikolaus Hansen, Directeur de Recherche INRIA


-Asma Atamna

PhD students :

-Konstantinos Varelas
-Cheikh Touré


- Dejan Tušar
- Umut Batu


Research activities:

The RandOpt team is specialized in numerical optimization without derivatives (also known as blackbox optimization) in particular with stochastic algorithms. We are interested by theory, algorithm design, and applications in several areas (such as energy, biology, medicine) in both academia and industry. We are especially known for the CMA-ES algorithm (Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy) of which Nikolaus Hansen is one of the main inventor and we also develop the benchmarking plaform COCO (COmparing Continuous Optimizers). Lately, we are focusing our research on expensive optimization, constrained optimization, large-scale optimization, and multiobjective optimization.


La page INRIA de l'équipe.