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Research at the CMAP

Since its creation in 1974, the Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées (UMR 7641) aims at the development and the exploration of mathematics in relation with their applications. The opening of the CMAP to other disciplines can be seen through the variety and the complexity of the research topics which are addressed. Its organisation allows the different groups to initiate and explore new topics. The research areas of CMAP are in tight relation with some problematics in physics, mechanics, chemistry, biology and health, finance, but also in social sciences, economics and information technologies. The essence of the research led at CMAP follows the cycle : modelling, mathematical analysis, numerical simulations, visualisation and then refinement of the modelling. Each step of the cycle use the expertise of the membres of the lab. The CMAP is organised in 10 groups covering its research domains, grouped into 3 main topics:

- Stochastic Modelling

- Partial Differential Equations and Scientific Computing

- Controle, Information Sciences and Technologies.

These groups are not compartmentalised, and several researchers belong to several groups (or even several topics). The lab has also tight links with the Département d’Enseignement-Recherche en Mathématiques Appliquées of Ecole Polytechnique (DepMap), notably through the definition of the teaching and research politics, the recruitment and the participation of the CNRS researchers to the teaching in applied mathematics (in the engineer curriculum as well as the Master's degrees). The CMAP has strong interactions with some industrial and financial companies, through multiple research grants and fundings of Ph.D.'s (CIFRE), and through different teaching and research "chaire" programs. The research staff of the CMAP is composed of professors, "professeurs chargés de cours", assistant professors (full time or part time), CNRS and INRIA researchers. Indeed, the CMAP homes 4 "Equipes Projet Communes Inria-Ecole Polytechnique". The research staff is supported by a group of administrative staff.


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