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FAPS Seminar

The Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées of Ecole Polytechnique organises the 5th FAPS seminar (Fabrication Additive Paris Saclay) on Thursday, February 27th 2020. This seminar will be held from 2pm to 4pm in the Jean Lascoux meeting room, ground floor of Aisle 0 (beneath CMAP). A map is available at this link.

Programme of the seminar:
-- 14h00-14h50 Beniamin Bogosel (CMAP, X)
Optimisation des supports en fabrication additive
-- 14h50-15h10 Coffee break
-- 15h10-15h40 Mathilde Boissier (CMAP, X)
Utilisation de l'optimisation de forme pour la détermination de trajectoires de lasage
-- 15h40-16h10 Filippo Agnelli (LMS, X)
Design and testing of 3D-printed micro-architectured sheets