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Cahiers 2007

Badaoui.E, Strobl.E & Walsk.F, Is There An Informal Employment Wage Penalty? Evidence from South Africa." PDF

Badaoui.E, Strobl.E & Walsk. F, The Formal Sector Wage Premium and Firm Size.PDF

Blanc.E, Quirion.P & Strobl.E, The climatic Determinants of West African Cotton Yields. PDF

Barrios.S, Ouattara.B & Strobl.E, The Impact of Climatic Change on Agricultural Production: Is it different for Africa?" PDF

Bertinelli.L , Heinen.A & Strobl .E, Export Diversification and Prince Uncertainty in Developing Countries: A portfolio Theory Approach. PDF

Bertinelli.L & Strobl.E , Measuring Sustainable Development in the Caribbean: A Stochastic Dominance Approach using Ecological Footprint Data. PDF

Bertinelli.L, Strobl.E & Zouh. B, Sustainable Economic Development and the Environment: Theory and Evidence. PDF

Bertinelli.L, Strobl.E & Zou.B, Polluting Technologies and Economic Development. PDF

Bertinelli.L, Strobl.E & Zouh.B, Economic Development and Environmental Quality: A Reassessment in Light of Nature's Self-Regeneration Capacity.

Cérézuelle.D , «  Crise du "savoir habiter", exclusion sociale et accompagnement à l'auto r é habilitation du logement.  » PDF

Cole. M.A, Elliot.R.JR & Strobl.E, Multinational and Environmental Spillovers: The Role of Ownership, Training, and Experience . PDF

Demailly.D, Ponssard. J.P & Walker.N, Assessing the Financial and Environmental Impact of CO 2 Emissions Trading on the European Cement Sector : a Spatial Competition Framework. PDF

Godard.O, Unilateral European Post-Kyoto climate policy and economic adjustement at EU borders. PDF

Godard.O, «  Climat et générations futures - Un examen critique du débat académique suscité par le Rapport Stern.  » PDF

Kunreuther.H & Michel-Kerjan.E, Looking Beyond TRIA: A Clinical Examination of Potential Terrorism Loss Sharing in the U.S. PDF

Kunreuther.H & Michel-Kerjan.E Assessing, "Managing and Benefiting from Global Interdependent Risks The Case of Terrorism and Natural Disasters" PDF

Michel-Kerjan.E & Pedell.B, How Does the Corporate World Cope with Mega-Terrorism? Puzzling Evidence from Terrorism Insurance Market. PDF

Mohammed.A & Strobl.E , Good Governance and Growth in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Regulatory Reforms in the Telecommunications Industry. PDF

Ouattara. B & Strobl.E , Do Aid Inflows Cause Dutch Disease? A Case Study of the CFA Franc Countries Using Dynamic Panel Analysis. PDF

Ouattara.B & Strobl. E, Aid, Policy and Growth: Does Aid Modality Matter? PDF

Sookram.S & Strobl.E , The Role of Educational Choice in Occupational Gender Segregation: Evidence from Trinidad and Tobago. PDF

Trommetter. M, Flexibility in the Implementation of Intellectual Property Rights in Agricultural Biotechnology. PDF