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Matière Noire

The project will be in the domain of astroparticle physics, at the interface between particle physics, cosmology and astrophysics. It will in particular focus on the phenomenogy of Dark Matter (DM), the substance that constitutes 26% of the energy budget of the Universe but whose nature is so far unknown, and more precisely on its Indirect Detection (ID). Such strategy aims at detecting DM via the cosmic rays possibly produced by the annihilations or decays of DM particles in the galactic halo. The project will consist in updating and extending some of the tools provided in a public code named “The Poor Particle Physicist’s Cookbook for Dark Matter Indirect Detection (PPPC4DMID)”, which provides ythe research community with easy-to-use sets of functions and recipes for computing signals of DM ID. The proposed work requires: knowledge of the basics of cosmology and DM phenomenology, some familiarity with particle physics codes such as PYTHIA and some familiarity with Wolfram Mathematica. If the goals are reached, the updated numerical products will be made public. They may also be used for a small research project (concerning Inverse Compton gamma rays from low energy electrons and positrons from Dark Matter).