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The welfare and well-being of our students is of paramount importance for us. That is why we provide several services dedicated to help, assist and support you throughout your time at École Polytechnique. Students struggling with a particular problem, feeling a bit isolated or looking for comfort do not get unnoticed.

We know how exciting, but also how challenging, it can be to leave high school and build a life of your own away from your family. All of our teams are very attentive and mindful to any sign of difficulty or trouble coming from a student. There are strict guidelines regarding health, safety and welfare matters and those who need it have access to counseling sessions.

Students who need academic support have access to specific tutorials, either one-on-one or in small groups. Bachelor students can thus receive help and coaching from faculty, but also from other students on campus in other academic programs (Ingénieur Polytechnicien, Graduate degree, Master's and PhD). Exchanges and dialogue between our various student populations are encouraged and facilitated by the small size of École Polytechnique.

Students coming from abroad receive specific assistance before, upon and after their arrival (we help students take care of visa procedures, set up their social security...). For example, to spare international students lengthy procedures at the immigration office, l’X has opened a specialized desk delivering residence permits, located close to its International Student Services Office.

École Polytechnique is committed to giving every student equal chance and access to education and to increase diversity among our students. Find out more on our Diversity & Success Center page.

In order to ensure the safety of our students and staff, École Polytechnique has also adopted various procedures for improving the security of its sites and buildings. Students are all given an access badge, that they need to carry with them at all time on campus.