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Bachelor of Science at l’X: Discover the lifestyle of our students!

Want to be in École Polytechnique’s Bachelor students’ shoes? Follow a series of articles that will give you some insights on the students’ lifestyle at l’X: students, professors, coaches and staff members of the Bachelor program will immerse you in the campus life. 

An ecosystem that promotes scientific research and innovation

École Polytechnique is at the heart of a scientific ecosystem of excellence which gathers Grandes Écoles, as well as high-level universities and companies. The Bachelor students benefit from this dynamic environment which encourages high-level research and innovation. The Bachelor program aims at giving them a solid basis in sciences and introducing them to research: they have classes in some of the 23 laboratories of École Polytechnique, and they have to do a Bachelor thesis during the third year of the Program.

Personal development and coaching

The Bachelor students benefit from a personal development program with coaches who supervise them throughout their studies at École Polytechnique. These coaches, with military or civilian background, are considered like big brothers/sisters by some students. They provide a support to our students (for some of them under 18) who generally just moved out from their family home. The personal development program consists in the practice of sports and other tailored activities.

Outstanding sports facilities

Bachelor students have 2 hours of sports per week. École Polytechnique offers a large choice of sports thanks to indoor and outdoor facilities available on our 160-hectare campus: swimming, climbing, gym, football, rowing… and many other activities. These sports hours are the opportunity for students to unwind and strengthen the group spirit.

A rich student life

École Polytechnique offers 1500 rooms for students on campus. Considering that the Bachelor program is very demanding – 30 hours of classes per week, plus personal work – we strongly recommend that the students live on campus so that they do not waste time and energy commuting.

Students can take part in the dynamic life of the campus: (multi)cultural, sports, artistic, social and scientific events are organized by the students. 

The opportunity to discover France

École Polytechnique is located 20 km South of Paris, one of most dynamic cities in the world. Students have the opportunity to discover the French capital on their free time, but also during the integration week at the beginning of the first year. The Bachelor Office and the Reception and International Services Office organize cultural visits in Paris and its suburbs. Also, last September, a weekend in Normandy was organized to help students get to know each other.

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If you wish to know more about the Bachelor students, click on the video below to discover their first day.