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Mathematics & Computer Science


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Optional courses

As part of their curriculum, students following this double major will have the opportunity, if they wish, to study a minor in Biology. This option gives the opportunity to students to broaden their knowledge outside of their chosen field.


Biology option

Life sciences and their applications are undergoing a complete revolution. The amount of available data has tremendously scaled up, bringing exciting opportunities but also new challenges, which require skills and techniques from sciences, like informatics, physics or mathematics. 
The Bachelor program provides excellent formation in these areas. The biology option offers the opportunity to add a strong corpus of knowledge in modern biology, paving the way to carriers in bioengineering or biotechnology. During the two years of major, students will follow courses on molecular biology, cellular biology and its integration at the organism level, genomics.

Courses built on experimental approaches

Experimentation is at the heart of progress in biology. The biology option is thus built around experimentation. Half of classes will be practical work, performed over weeks. This allows students to build their knowledge, acquire a sound scientific reasoning, and get familiar with the main techniques of modern biology.


Second year Syllabus - Mathematics and Computer Science

For more information on the second year curriculum for the double major in Mathematics and Computer Science (i.e. courses, ECTS credits, etc.), please consult the syllabus.

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