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To obtain École Polytechnique Bachelor's degree, you will need to complete 3 years of studies, corresponding to 180 ECTS credits. The curriculum is divided in one first year of core scientific studies, based on mathematics, computer science and physics, with several scientific options offered to students in order to make the right choice for their double major. In their second and third years, the students follow a bi-disciplinary path after having chosen their double major.

The mathematics courses given in École Polytechnique's Bachelor program are designed to fit any subsequent specialization streams (physics & mechanics, economics, computer science). A notable point is the attention given from the beginning of the course to applications across the spectrum of mathematics (numerical simulation and calculations, randomness and data, arithmetic related cryptology etc.). In principle, all double majors offer a core of general mathematics perfectly suited to study Masters in mathematics afterwards.

On top of their education in fundamental sciences, Bachelor students follow courses in humanities and social sciences, foreign languages and cultures (Chinese, English, French as a foreign language, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish), sports as well as innovation management and entrepreneurship.