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Program Structure


  A first year of core scientific studies and two years of specialization.   |

To obtain École Polytechnique Bachelor's degree, our students need to complete 3 years of studies, corresponding to 180 ECTS credits. The curriculum is divided in a first year of core scientific studies and two years of specialization.




The first year of studies focuses on the acquisition of the fundamental skills and knowledge needed for the rest of the students' academic career.  They have Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics classes, with several scientific options offered to help them make the right choice for their double major. In their second and third years, the students follow a bi-disciplinary path after having chosen their double major.

Consult the First Year Syllabus



For their second and third years, students choose between three double majors.

Mathematics and Physics
Mathematics and Computer Science
Mathematics and Economics




For each double major, students have the opportunity to pursue a minor - provided the Academic Council considers they are up to the task. For each double major, the minor available is:

Mathematics and Physics: Minor in Biology or Chemistry
Mathematics and Computer Science: Minor in Biology
Mathematics and Economics: Minor in Computational Mathematics