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The Importance of Research in the Bachelor Program

The Bachelor Program’s multidisciplinary approach to learning math and science strongly focuses on research. As part of the Program’s required courses, students work in the labs and interact with current experts in their fields of study, particularly during the composition of their third-year Bachelor thesis. Multidisciplinarity is an integral part of the training, which is why the first year is dedicated to acquiring fundamental skills and knowledge in various scientific fields. Then, for their second and third years, students choose between three double majors.

Throughout their studies, students benefit from an exceptional learning environment in which they have access to modern  equipment and tools located in over twenty laboratories within École Polytechnique itself, as well as the partner laboratories on Plateau De Saclay (“Europe’s future Silicon Valley”).

While all of our instructors are engaged in research, some are also emeritus researchers, postdoctoral students or are pursuing their PhD. With a 1.5 instructor-to-student ratio, students receive excellent mentoring and supervision.  All scientific classes consist of lectures, tutorials and often lab work in which students are split into small groups enabling them to apply the theoretical knowledge they learn in class.

Student classroom experiment

Bachelor students have the opportunity to take part in many conferences and activities. For instance, the Applied Physics instructor has planned a visit of her Plasma Physics laboratory, where students met her team and got a better understanding of how they work. The Bachelor Program Office and some Bachelor students are hoping to help organize more conferences, tailored to the students’ academic level and interests. 

For instance, two Bachelor students will complete an internship (which is optional in 1st year) at the Computer Science Laboratory of l’X (LIX).

Student research lab

At the end of their third year, students must write a Bachelor thesis. They will spend 8 weeks in a laboratory on campus or at a partner institution, working on a topic related to their double major, which is chosen prior with their supervisor.

The importance of research and the Bachelor Program’s multidisciplinary approach provides students with the skills they need to become successful future graduate students in the world’s top master’s programs.