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Living costs

Below please find an average of a student's living expenses. Please remember that each person has individual spending habits and that the amounts listed below might vary.

Estimated cost of living per year* Around €12,000/year

*All included: housing, food, phone plan, clothing, miscellaneous, etc.


Bachelor students have the opportunity to be accommodated on campus. Starting Fall 2019, students will be housed either in:

- individual dorm rooms of around 18m2,

- shared appartments for 4 to 5 students.

All appartments are furnished with a bed, a cupboard, a desk, a bathroom and one fridge per appartment. Students share a common kitchen, where they can cook and prepare their own food with others, or they can choose to eat in the campus cafeteria or restaurant. Rent is payable monthly and a deposit is required to be paid upon entrance in the appartment.

Students may be eligible to housing allowance on a case by case basis. For more information, please visit the website of Caf  & Campus France.

Please note that housing allowance is never available for the first month of your stay on campus, and it may take another few months after that for it to be effective.


The cost of meals is estimated from €250 to €350 per month. Students can eat quite inexpensively at École Polytechnique's cafeteria, the Magnan, open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.