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L’X, 6th institution worldwide for the proportion of Nobel Prizes among alumni

L’X counts with Nobel laureates among its alumni such as a recent winner Jean Tirole (X1973), who received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2014 for his works on the industrial economy, and Maurice Allais (X1931) also Nobel prize winner in economics.

The ranking published by Nature was established by two American researchers, Jonathan Wai (Duke University), and Stephen Hsu (Michigan state University), who identified 81 institutions worldwide, including at least three former students having received a Nobel Prize  in chemistry, physiology or medicine, physics and economics between 1905 and 2015. They then related the number of the Nobel Prize winners to the total number of the undergraduate students.

"This gives us a new way to think about what makes the value of a higher education institution and to evaluate it," says researcher Jonathan Wai about the ranking in Nature.

École Polytechnique is placed in 6th position behind École Normale Supérieure (1st), the California Institute of Technology (2nd), Harvard University (3rd), Swarthmore College (4th) and Cambridge University (5th). MIT (7th), Columbia University (8th), Amherst College (9th) and University of Chicago (10th) follow l’X on the list.

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