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How to Prepare a Strong Application: Tips from Current Bachelor Students

We know that applications to university can be a stressful undertaking for candidates and that you have a lot of questions. The Bachelor Admissions Team is here to help you out throughout the whole application process, but we know that sometimes it’s best to let students speak for themselves. Students from the first class of École Polytechnique’s Bachelor Program would like to share some tips to help you during the application process. Last year, they were going through the same process as you, and they wish to share their insight. 15 of our current students got together and tried to answer as best as possible some of the many questions you may ask yourself during the application period.

We thank Marco, Jules, Guillaume, Phoebe, Jean-Tiago, Tristan, Adrien, Ghjulia, Camille, Agathe, Raymond, Miha, Raissa, Assia and Edison for their tips and testimonies!

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Some of our students answered questions about the application process in front of the camera. Go have a look!

We wish you the best of luck with your application.