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All complete applications are reviewed by a board composed of Faculty members and Deans from École Polytechnique. The final decisions for admissions take into consideration all aspects of the application (contents of the application file as well as the interview). Candidates who have been interviewed receive an email in the weeks that follow their interview telling them whether or not their application has been successful.

When applicable, the final confirmation of your admission will depend on the completion of your secondary school leaving certificate or your scientific university entrance certificate: the terms and conditions of your admission will be specified in the message that you will receive after your interview.

If your application has not been successful and you feel that you have the academic potential to enter our Bachelor program, you may wish to apply again next year, but please note that even excellent results do not necessarily mean that you will be selected and if you do get in, keep in mind that you will still have to start in Year 1 of our program.