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How to best prepare your interview

Get ready for your interview!

Need some help to best prepare for your interview? Watch our best tips from teachers and academic staff for your interview:

(click on the image to watch the video)

Still need some more help? Here are a few tips from our students to help you out to prepare the interview:

(click on the image to watch the video)


French to English vocabulary glossaries for the oral interview

Two of École Polytechnique's Cycle Ingénieur Polytechnicien program students have created for Bachelor program candidates two vocabulary glossaries from French to English to help you prepare your oral interview: one in Mathematics and one in Physics. We thank Anthony Guillen, X2016 and Ayman Idrissi-Kaitouni, X2016 for their great work!  

Have a look at the vocabulary glossaries:

Mathematics French to English vocabulary glossary

Physics French to English vocabulary glossary


Watch the MOOC to best prepare Secondary Education students for Higher Education. (In French only)

École Polytechnique created a MOOC called "Mathématiques : préparation à l'entrée dans l'enseignement supérieur" (Mathematics: how to best prepare for Higher Education). This MOOC is only available in French. Though course is now over, you can still watch the videos. They are a great opportunity for French-speaking candidates to prepare for the oral exam for the Bachelor program.

To watch the MOOC, please click here.