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Internship Subjects - year 2018

The subjects of research for 2018 will be progressively published until the end of November 2017.

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Internship Title

Internship Supervisor



Studies of multiprotein complexes involved in translation / RNA decay and linked to human diseases

Marc Graille



Expedient copper(I)-catalysed synthesis of complex nitrogen-containing polycyclic systems Yves Six LSO01
Multicomponent reaction Laurent El Kaim LSO02
Natural product total syntheses involving [3,3]-sigmatropic rearrangements of oxygenated species Bastien Nay LSO03
Bio-inspired synthesis of aromatic polyketides                               Sébastien Prévost LSO04
Computational chemistry approach for studying electronic structures of molecules and reactivity Gilles Frison LCM01
Electrocatalysis of Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER) by Iridium Oxide Nanoparticles Cédric Tard LCM02
Synthesis and magnetic studies of organolanthanide complexes with slow magnetic relaxation Grégory Nocton LCM03


Deep Learning for 3D Shape Matching Maks Ovsjanikov LIX01
A Multi-agent Platform for Social Networking Frank Valencia LIX02
Linearization techniques for mathematical optimization problems with an application in energy optimization Claudia D'Ambrosio LIX03
Do-it-yourself privacy kit Catuscia Palamidessi LIX04
Machine learning attacks to privacy Catuscia Palamidessi LIX05
Quantile regression in large energy datasets Leo Liberti LIX06
Routing protocol for mesh networks Thomas Clausen LIX07
The communication system for smart grid Jiazi Yi LIX08
A study of Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) Jiazi Yi LIX09
Impact of climate risks and climate change on the performance of financial assets Philippe Drobinski LMD02


Pseudo-reductive and, more generally, connected algebraic groups Bertrand Remy CMLS01


Correlation of ambient noise signals with moving receivers Josselin Garnier CMAP01
Tomography and inverse scattering Roman Novikov CMAP02
Analysis and classification of EEG measurements during administration of neuropsychological tests Jing-rebecca Li CMAP03


Does the scaling of extreme precipitations with temperature over Central Europe follow Clausius-Clapeyron thermodynamic expectation? Philippe Drobinski LMD01
Impact of hull-asymmetry in rowing performance Michael Benzaquen Ladhyx01
Endogenous instabilities in financial market Michael Benzaquen Ladhyx03
Pumping fluid with an undulating membrane Sophie Ramananarivo Ladhyx04


Anomalous magnetoresistance in silicon nanostructures Alistair Rowe PMC01
Exciton transport in 2D materials Fabian Cadiz PMC02
Phase-field simulations of crystal growth and solidification Mathis Plapp PMC03
Modelization of High Harmonic Generation in gases Philippe Zeitoun LOA01
Molecule formation on surfaces Olivier Guaitella LLP01
Characterisation of Imaging Calorimeters for a future Lepton Collider Vincent Boudry LLR01
Interaction of ultra-short laser pulses with matter Frank Rosmej LULI01
Investigating new ion acceleration schemes with lasers Julien Fuchs LULI02



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