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Internship Subjects - year 2017


Internship Title

Internship Supervisor



Biochemical and structural studies of protein complexes involved in mRNA translation and degradation

    M. Graille


         Cryo-EM study of translation initiation complexes

  Y. Mechulam   BIOC 02


Synthesis of heterometallic complexes of lanthanides and transition metal ions for small molecules activation

   G. Nocton

LCM 01

Computational chemistry approach for studying molecular structures and homogeneous catalysis

   G. Frison

LCM 02

Exploration of new titanium-mediated transformations of dihydrothiazoles

   Y. Six

LSO 01


A Computational Model for Analyzing Social Networks

F. Valencia  

LIX 01

RNA combinatorial design

    M. Régnier

LIX 02

Fairness and Privacy for Machine Learning  C. Palamidessi  LIX 03


Pseudo-reductive and, more generally, connected algebraic groups

 B. Rémy

 CMAP 01

Tomography and inverse scattering

   R. Novikov



Biofluid mechanics and cardiovascular cellular engineering

   A. Barakat


      Thermomechanics of stress-induced structural transformations

   E. Charkaluk

    A. Freidin

  LMS 01


Matrix Element Method for Higgs boson analysis in High Performance
Computing context (GPUs)

   G. Grasseau

 LLR 01

Two-Dimensional materials for gas sensing

    F. Bouanis


Applied Optics and Polarimetry

   T. Novikova

  R. Ossikovski

  E. Borisova


  In situ TEM electrochemical studies of decorated CNTs for Li-Ion batteries

 I. Florea

C. S. Cojocaru


Activation of carbon dioxide and methane by non- equilibrium plasmas

   O. Guaitella

 LPP 01

Molecule formation on surfaces

   O. Guaitella

 LPP 02

Magnetic interactions in topological insulators

 M. Konzcykoski

 LSI 01

Phase Diagram of Iron Based Superconductors Tuned by Disorder

 M. Konzcykoski

 LSI 02

Glass densification effects and point defect study in silicate glasses

    N. Ollier

 LSI 03

Matter under extreme conditions: quantum mechanical effects in atomic radiation

    F. B. Rosmej

    V. Astapenko

 LULI 01

Phase-field simulations of crystal growth and solidification

    M. Plapp

 PMC 01

Electron spin dynamics in multivalley semiconductors    A. Rowe  PMC 02



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