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Courses Offered

École Polytechnique offers a wide range of academic options, with over 1,450 semester modules across 12 disciplines and 11 departments.

In this Exchange Program, students take classes together with regular full-time students. They enroll in the Exchange Program and receive ECTS credits for classes validated during their exchange period.

Students are enrolled at École Polytechnique as exchange students in one specific level of study (undergraduate or graduate), but they may also attend classes from other levels if they meet all conditions for entry, as well as language and academic requirements. Please be aware that you must take at least 2/3 of your course credits from classes in your chosen level of enrollment. (Specific guidelines on how to choose classes will be uploaded here soon.)

We ask that you be flexible when creating your study plan, as we cannot guarantee that all classes included in the course catalogue will be offered, and as timetables are subject to change. Confirmed classes and class schedules are usually finalized in late July.